Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Low End Infill versus the Exurbs

Lansner on Real Estate has a story and podcast on the successful sellout of a new development in Fountain Valley, CA:

Lissoy tells that the quick Fountain Valley sales may have been a bit of an anomaly due in to its rarity — new homes are hard to find in that city…

Also, the podcast interview reveals Lissoy’s thoughts on how some builders are selling simpler, smaller, cheaper homes and that while the lower-priced end of the market in Orange County is doing well, mid-priced and luxury residences are a tough sell.

The success of this in fill development is an interesting contrast to what’s going on in the exurbs like Victorville. For those not familiar with Southern California geography, here’s a map:


The “A” is Fountain Valley. Victorville is the home of the now infamous development demolished by a Texas lender after foreclosure (watch the video here).

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